-Damages and losses of a very large variety of products, during their maritime, inland or air transportation.
-Container Condition (dry cargo, reefer, isotank, flexitank, open top and flat rack types)
-Vessel Condition.
-Stowage and lashing.
-Survey during the loading and unloading maneuvers.
-Leasing /Hire and returning of the equipment.
-Dry cargo in bulk inside the containers
-General cargo in bulk as minerals, grains, liquids, etc.
-Packed Cargo as machinery, groceries, stock in general, etc.

Refrigerated Cargo
Such as milk products, fish, fruits, meat, vegetables, etc.

Dangerous Cargo
Such as explosives, flammables (gas, liquids and solids), etc.

Livestock and Animals

Survey and Damage Certification for shipments of household goods and personal effects

Heavy weight cargo and/or with excessive dimensions

Liquids in Bulk
Such as diesel, petroleum, gas, oil, etc.

Roll on- Roll off

Cars, Reefer Freight Trains, Trailers, etc.

Particular Average

Pre-shipment survey

Loading and Unloading Surveys

Theft, Missing on Delivery and Hijackings

Inspection of Pre-shipment - Unload - Inspection of hurts * Adjustment of Disasters - Lost by Claims of Policies of Transport - Fire - Hurricane and Hail - Earthquake - Civil Responsibility - Consequential Losses